Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Wonder Tree

Its water is almost perfect, never been touch by air. It is biologically pure, with natural sugar, salt and vitamins to overcome fatigued. It is a real thirst quenching and energy giver and de-hydrator. It is best taken at freshly open cause it ferments rapidly.

Here are some benefits of coconuts water:

  1. Keep the body cool and at the proper temperature.
  2. Orally re-hydrate your body; it is an all natural isotonic beverage.
  3. Carry nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  4. Naturally replenish your body's fluids after exercising.
  5. Raise your metabolism.
  6. Promote weight loss.
  7. Boost your immune system.
  8. Detoxify and fight viruses.
  9. Cleanse your digestive tract.
  10. Control diabetes.
  11. Aid your body in fighting viruses that cause the flu and colds
  12. Balance your PH and reduce risk of cancer.
  13. Treat kidney and urethral stones.
  14. Boost poor circulation.
The body or trunk of the coconut tree can be use as lumber and it is already commercialized. It can be used as construction support woods but not for house building itself because of it is not consider as hard wood.

Matured coconut fruit is a highly useful part of the coconut tree.

Coconut milk is extracted from grated coconut meat from these matured fruits, and makes innumerable delicious recipes. There are many tasty and healthy food mixes with coconut milk, aside from the native sweets, a mixture of the milk with malagkit, sticky rice, and many more.

Coconut oil is also extracted from these matured fruit, copra. The shell can be use as fuel and even d├ęcor as well.

The husk of coconut is natively used as husk – for scrubbing wood floors.

The leaves of the coconut tree when dried make the native broom – walis tingting.

In rural areas, folks from rural areas pick-out the ubod – heart of the palm from coconut tree that yields less or unproductive tree or coconut tress damaged by typhoon.

It is delicious in salads and lumpiang ubod, and also good to cook it with coconut milk.

Another product from coconut tree is Tuba - coconut toddy that has a stinging sweet and bittersweet taste. The process involves extracting the sap of an unopened coconut bud. The tip of the bud is lopped and the pale juice allowed trickles into bamboo containers. A sturdy tree yields about a gallon of liquid daily. The fermenting process involves the sweetish liquid is stored for one to three days in earthen jars or bottles in modern times. The rust tint of tuba is acquired through the addition of powdered bark called tangal.
In some rural places, patients suffering from tuberculosis were advised to drink or even bathe with Tuba as a cure. It is also consider as a hard drink. As Tuba is fermented, it is a good source of vinegar.

Go nuts with coconut!
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