Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Teaching the Body to Heal Itself


Children are prone to respiratory allergies that make them sneeze, their nose to run, their eyes to burn and water, or their throat to itch. The culprits are usually animal furs, feathers, dust, mites, pesticides residues, or various plants.
Have you ever wondered why children are prone to allergies when their level of natural antibodies should still be high?

Matt Schueler, vice president of Lehming Laboratories, has done quite a number of studies about children’s allergies. According to his findings, some children simply inherit a high number of the kind of antibodies that when they bind to certain allergies, trigger the release of excessive histamines in their bodies. Histamines cause large quantities of fluid to seep out of blood vessels and tissues, resulting in swelling, redness, itching and other allergic symptoms.

From the point of view of homeopathy, children suffer from allergies because of some imbalances in your bodily system. A balanced system is supposed to be able to identify substance like pollen, animal hair and other allergies. With homeopathic treatment, these imbalances are corrected and “heal” the body’s oversensitivity.

Technically, allergies are considered reactions only to certain foreign elements. However, an unbalanced system can compromise immune function. An allergic reaction is thus experience in the form of stress, overexertion, strong emotions, infectious disease, or adverse reactions due to a change in weather.

Children’s organs and glands are still learning to harmonize with each other and their immune system is not yet fully developed. So, simple activities like racing around the yard, scaring pets or tossing and turning around cushions could already rag them out. Children’s systems are too vulnerable for the heavy artillery of conventional, chemical medicines. So, it is always the rule of the thumb to be very cautious in administering medicines to them.

We should, for one, be very careful in giving them antihistamines and decongestants. Antihistamines are often used to dry up a runny nose. However, a runny nose is nature’s way of draining our child’s system of dead bacteria, dead white blood cells, mucus and other wastes. Decongestants, on the other hand, only irritate the nasal passages and make the child feel worse as soon as the effects wear off.

We all know that when we let someone else do things that we could well do by ourselves; we never learn to do things independently. This is exactly what happens to our body when drugs are taken to treat every symptom or infection. The body does not learn to heal itself as well on its own.

Homeopathic medicine promotes the body’s self-regulating functions so it can heal itself. Homeopathy recognizes that allergies aren’t the problems but the symptoms to a problem. By promoting the balance, the problems are solved. C.H. Blackly, a British homeopath, first discovered in 1871 that sneezing and a runny nose were due to exposure to pollen. Through the decades, homeopathy has given many important solutions to allergy researches.

Here are some homeopathic cures for very simple ailments. You can try these homeopathic medicines, made of natural compounds, at health food stores. Antimonium tartaricum alleviates itchy and burning eyes. Sulphur relieves runny nose. Dolichos pruriens relieves sinus congestion pressure. Apis mellifica relieves throat pain. Solidagho virhaurea treats inflamed eyes, dry nose and croupy cough. It is not only safe but very effective to combine homeopathic medicines together.      


  1. This is awesome read, I believe that the body has it's natural way of healing itself without us knowing it. Do you believe that coconut oil is healthy for the body?

  2. A very good and informative article indeed . It helps me a lot to enhance my knowledge, I really like the way the writer presented his views.